My Little Black Memoirs

Dedicated to God, my loved ones and I

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I've lost a friend for good and it is for the best but everything turned out so ugly. Our friendship has ended because we've both changed and drifted apart. I am so glad it is over because it has become a thorn in my flesh. It was meant to end.

But the harsh, provoking words exchanged was unnecessary. I kept my cool and didn't stoop to her level. That, I'm proud of!

Empty. I worked so hard at something but still failed. I gave it my best shot but it was destined to fail. No, I'm not talking about the friendship.

That day, I turned away one last time and said goodbye in my heart. There was that one look we exchanged just before the door shut. We both knew it would be the end.

This time, there was no tears...just a void and the echoes of the past.


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